Executive Committee & Its Powers :

There shall be a Executive Committee for all the time in whom the management of the Association shall vest, and shall be consisting of: -

I. The President.
II. Imm. Past President (Ex-officio)
III. The Vice President/s.
IV. Secretaries.
V. Treasurers
VI.Other Committee Members.

The election of the Executive Committee members shall be as per the forms as prescribed in the Bye-Laws / Rules and Regulation.

[A] The term of each Executive Committee member shall be Two years. The Executive Committee shall consists of the following members.

i. President to be elected as per the regulations in this behalf.
ii. 12 elected members as per the regulation in this behalf.
iii. Immediate past President shall be ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.
iv. 2 co-opted members as per the regulation in this behalf.

The number of members on Executive Committee shall ordinarily be 12 but not more than 16 at any time during its tenure.

The Executive Committee shall have Powers to call more members, as invitees to its meeting but such invitees shall have no rights to vote at the meeting of Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall have powers to invite any person or persons at a specific meeting of the executive committee for the purpose of the association.

The executive Committee for the reasons of conveyance and expediency and exigencies may transmit all delicate such of its power and authority to various office bearers and other members of executive committee or to other members of association as may be necessary, for conducting the activities of association on such towns and conditions it may deem fit. No resolution of Executive Committee or its office bearers shall invalidate any prior acts of Executive Committee performed.

The Executive Committee shall prepare standing orders after the adoption of these presence consisting of all directions given by earlier General Body Meeting or conventions established along with its rules and regulations for proper conduct and management which shall be conformity with these present and in the event of any conflict or inconsistencies , these presence shall prevail.

The 1st meeting of the Executive Committee shall be called within one month after the Annual General Boby meeting to elect the following office bearers,

1. Vice President/s.
2. Treasurers.
3. Secretaries.

The Executive Committee amongst its own members or from amongst other members of the association shall appoint sub committees for such purpose as the executive committee may deem necessary and make necessary rules and regulations at its discretion to conduct the business of such sub committee.

The Executive Committee shall entitled to feel in all casuals vacancies in the membership of Executive Committee including vacancy arising out of members being elected as a president, provided however that such member shall be holding such office till the Annual General Body Meeting only.

In case of the office vise presidents, Treasurer or Secretaries following vacant by reason of death, resignation or other wise, the executive committee at its discretion shall appoint such office bearers who will hold their office up to the time of the next General Body Meeting only.

The Executive committee shall meet once in each month or as often as necessary five (5) members are necessary to form a quorum provided that the meeting shall be convened by 4 days the clear notice. In case of urgency or at the discretion of president or secretary, executive committee have the powers pass the resolution by the circular. The resolution or the agenda will be circulated to the members presents at the time in Mumbai and take such actions thereon as the majority of the members under their signature on the circular signifying the decision taken by the circular shall be ratified in next meeting of executive committee,.

The president in his absence, Vice President / Secretaries shall have power to call the meeting of the committee specifying venue, agenda by giving 4 days clear notice. Special meeting of executive committee shall be convented on requisition by at least 1/3rd of the committee specifying items to be taken on the agenda of such meeting.

The Executive committee shall form time to time cause to circulate. The presentation to authorities and its results or other important decisions has deemed fit.

The President or in his absence the vice president shall preside at all the meetings of the committee and in their absence. The member shall elect the chairman from amongst them to preside at the meeting.

All the matters submitted to executive committee shall be decided by the vote of majority. In event of equal number (tie) of the votes for or against, the chairman shall have the casting vote.
If a member of the Execuitve Committee remains absent for three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee then the Executive Committee at its discretion may remove him and appoint other member in his/her place provided that Executive Committee may permit the leave of absence to any of its members for any period due to any reason that it may deem fit.

[B] The Executive Committee shall have powers:

i. To acquire, purchase or take on hire or lease or exchange or sell, improve, manage, develop, mortgage, dispose off, turn into account or otherwise deal with lands or properties or buildings or any movable or immovable property any rights, or privileges or covenant with all or assets, properties, movable or immovable or the rights of the Association for the purpose of the Association and also to construct alter, repair and Maintain properties belonging to and subject to the regulations on this behalf and in the Manner which shall be in no way inconsistent with the aims and objects of the Association.

ii. To, issue appeal for funds in furtherance of the objects of the Association, to receive or to give subscriptions, gifts , donations, deposits, loans, awards etc. on such terms and conditions which shall in no way be inconsistent with aims and objects of the Association for the purpose of Association and to accept any gift, endowment or bequest made to the Association and to carry any trust attached to any such gifts, endowments, trust or bequest shall be accepted if they are not accompanied by conditions inconsistent or in conflict with aims, objects, rules and regulations of the Association or reduce the importance of Association subject to the regulations made in this behalf and subject to the approval and direction of the general body of the Association.

iii. To raise or give loans/s, borrow money and lend money for the purpose of the Association or to invest or otherwise deal with funds, assets and properties movable or immovable of the Association for the purpose of the Association subject to the rules and regulations in this behalf and to approval and direction of the general body of the Association.