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Regarding on going projects of Cessed and Dilapidated Buildings of MCGM area Policy decision

Regulation 33(7)

Regulation for Inclusive Housing

Requirement of Environmental Clearance for building projects

RWH mandatory in all new development

Risk based approval


RTI National Highway

Sanction Modification to D C Regulations 6th January 2012

Sanction to the modification in the Development Control Regulation No. 4(A) (i) for Bandra Kurla Complex Notified Area under section 37(2) ofà..

Sanction to the Modification to Regulation No. 33(7)

Sanctioned Modification to Regulation 33(5) of DCR for Gr. Mumbai

Sanctioned to the modification to the Regulation No. 33(9) 33(10) and 52 of DCR

Stamp duty on redevelopment project

Thane Cluster Notification

To upload inspection report

To bring uniformity in tree falling

TDR Directives-3

Western Express Highway and Eastern Express Highway given for 5 years for Metro project